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Far Cry 4 - Strategy Guide

By GamerGuides.com

  • Release Date: 2014-12-18
  • Genre: Games


You are Ajay Ghale, someone who was born in Kyrat and moved to America with his mother to escape from strife and civil war. However, your mom has died and her final wish is for you to return to your birthplace and scatter her ashes at Lakshmana. The only problem is that you get thrown into the civil war that is still brewing, having to side with The Golden Path to try and overthrow the tyrannical Pagan Min.

- A complete walkthrough all every story mission in the game, including the Balance of Power missions.
- All side missions detailed, including Longinus, Yogi and Reggie and even the mystical trips to Shangri-La.
- Coverage of all of the game's collectibles, with detailed locations for the more elusive Masks of Yalung.
- How to get every single trophy/achievement in the game.