The Time Traders - Andre Norton

The Time Traders

By Andre Norton

  • Release Date: 2015-03-27
  • Genre: Science Fiction
4 Score: 4 (From 21 Ratings)


The American scientists had a theory that if humans can conquer space, they could conquer time. This theory was offered as a possible explanation of the dilemma about the new sources of knowledge the Russians possessed. The American scientists thought that Russian scientists discovered a way to go back into the past and learn some ancient secrets.

In order to find out whether that is true or not, the government starts a secret project. The young crook Ross Murdock is chosen for his project, for his high level of intelligence. He is offered to choose between the new medical procedure called Rehabilitation and the volunteering in the secret government project. Thinking that the project will be his chance to scape, Ross accepts to be a volunteer. He is taken to the American base under the ice in the Arctic, where he learns his role of a trader of the Beaker culture in the European Bronze Age.

He and the archeologist Gordon Ashe are transported into the past by a time machine in order to remote the Baltic region, in which the Russian post was located.

Going back in time is their biggest adventure, filled with a lot of action, superstitious prehistoric men, aliens, Russians and many unexpected events.