The Defiant Agents - Andre Norton

The Defiant Agents

By Andre Norton

  • Release Date: 2015-04-29
  • Genre: Classics


Download The Defiant Agents and plunge into Andre Norton’s Forerunner universe with this third installment of The Time Traders series.

Uncertain of their Communist enemies' progress, a handful of scientists and military leaders are tasked with implementing America’s colonization of space. 

Integral to this mission is Operation Cochise, which involves subjecting a group of handpicked descendants of Apache Indians to a machine called the Redax and transporting them to planet Topaz. The Redax transforms their minds to a state in which they are taken over by the primal impulses of their ancestors.

Hindered by espionage and the threat of impending failure, the Americans must make the risky decision to proceed with this dangerous operation ahead of schedule.

Led by Travis Fox, these modern-day Apaches must overcome the memory loss caused by the Redax and battle Communist operatives. Perplexing matters is the realization that Fox and his associates possess the ability to communicate with Topaz’s wildlife.

Download The Defiant Agents and discover the adventure and wonder inherent in Andre Norton’s Forerunner universe!