Bloodborne - Strategy Guide -

Bloodborne - Strategy Guide


  • Release Date: 2015-05-09
  • Genre: Games


Many travellers seek the city of Yharnam, famed for its Blood Ministration that many believe holds the key to cure their afflictions, but when an outsider arrives in town they find the city plagued with an endemic illness that has transformed most of its citizens into bestial creatures. Tasked with the job of hunting down the inflicted and finding something known as the Paleblood, the new Hunter finds themselves facing off against a group that wish to birth a god.

Join us as scour the darknes allies and defeat dangerous beasts while covering every aspect of this game including the following:

- A detailed main walkthrough covering all events, detailed enemy strategies, and all 3 endings
- A checklist of all NPC events, with outcomes based on your decisions
- A complete trophy guide to help you reach that platinum trophy.