Partners - John Grisham


By John Grisham

  • Release Date: 2016-03-29
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
4 Score: 4 (From 443 Ratings)


AN ORIGINAL E-SHORT • This standalone prequel to the #1 bestseller Rogue Lawyer tells the story of how Sebastian Rudd finally found someone he could trust to be his driver, bodyguard, law clerk, and partner.
Sebastian Rudd, rogue lawyer, defends people other lawyers won't go near. It's controversial and dangerous work, which is why Sebastian needs his bodyguard/assistant/sidekick: Partner. So if Sebastian is just about the most unpopular lawyer in town, why is Partner so loyal to him? How did they meet? And what's the real story of this man of few words who's as good with a gun as he is with the law? The surprising answers are all in PARTNERS, John Grisham's first exclusively digital short story.


  • Great Backstory to Rogue Lawyer

    By Solid X 3000
    Really well done and interesting prequel to the Rogue Lawyer how things lead up to the original and it explains more who these people are. I highly recommend to readers to read this first before diving into Rogue Lawyer.
  • Lackluster

    By Geekoman
    I guess this was a short setup for "Rogue Lawyer", but it was pretty bland. No plot twists or interesting turns, no character development. I love John Grisham, but this one was rather dull, and certainly did not make me want rush out and read "Rouge Lawyer."
  • It was OK

    By trailblazerfan1969
    It felt like JG was going through the motions for the back story. Doesn't take long to read, but doesn't add any real substance to the relationship between Partner & Rudd, either (Or Mancini). That being said, I enjoyed Rogue Lawyer, and hope for future Rudd novels that are more in the wheelhouse of the quality we have come to expect from Grisham.
  • Partners indeed

    By Nkotei
    Great short story, I would recommend this to anyone.
  • The Partners

    By K-999999999
    If you have already read Rouge Lawyer, you would love this prequel. The book has the same pacing as its predecessor, and keeps a naturally good flow. This book shows how everyone was different in the start, and is a great read for when you are done with Rouge Lawyer.
  • Not much of a story

    By Sdfrdeghfrjed
    Good intro for Rogue lawyer, but a bit unrealistic
  • Quick, but a winner

    By BubbieSherry
    Short but sweet, John Grisham is the partner is another winner. It flows quickly, stays interesting, And keeps the reader involved. The reader knows what actually happened and hopes the jury does too. Hope there is a sequel to see what happens to Sebastian Rudd, lawyer and T Ray.
  • Not bad

    By Mattwood76
    Didnt like the fairy tale ending
  • Companion to Rogue Lawyer

    By CrakAdict
    Captivating backstory to Rogue Lawyer. Thoroughly enjoyed it.