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    By Vick the Hick
    This book took me on an emotional roller coaster I can’t tell u how much I cried! It made me want to live in the world with them. And I will definitely be reading all of this authors books!
  • I love me some Roth =D

    By Katiekoz
    Loved this book! I love how different this book is from everything else I have read. I loved the paranormalness to it and how the world they live in works. The storyline was wonderful and kept me sucked in the whole time, especially with all the plot twists. I knew this book was funny, but I forgot just how funny until I read it a second time. Layla is a wonderful main character. She's strong, determined, caring, and funny. It was really easy to empathize with her and want the best for her. Zayne is a good character as well. I enjoyed learning about his and Layla's relationship, with it's many ups and downs. Roth on the other hand is just completely wonderful. He is easily my favorite JLA character, which is saying something seeing as how many characters she actually has. He is also one of my all time favorite characters out of everything I have read. He is absolutely hilarious! The relationship he has with Layla is complicated, but highly entertaining yet sweet and cute at times. I definitely recommend this book to people who like angel/demon type paranormal books with a side of romance.
  • Ok

    By Laertius
    The book is ok to read. I recommend it to read on a boring afternoon.
  • Holy Hot!!!

    By LoveGRL33
    LOVED IT!!!!! Team Roth....Team Roth..Roth
  • Awesome book!

    By FMinions1 :)
    Loved the story!! Waiting to know what happens!! Totally worth reading!
  • Hot hot hot!

    By wicked gurl
    I just finished this book last night and I was amazed! Another great book by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Plenty of romance and plenty of anticipation to leave you wanting more. If you're into the supernatural and romance with a bite, buy this book! You won't want to put it down
  • Enjoyed reading it

    By Disappointed-ios6
    I would rather have Layla & Zayne end up together ...